Independent Subwoofer

  • Special Structure,Reducing The Directionality Of Bass
  • 5.25"Bass Driver
  • Black Piano Finish
  • Riliable Power Amplifier Circuit
  • Support Anything MultiMedia Speaker


  Specifically for the mini-speaker design, bass volume separately adjustable, convenient and mini-speakers match.
  Low-frequency expansion of the base, greatly reduce the bass of the directivity.
  Piano Finish ,Noble and Eegant .
  S1 Independent Subwoofer Use Map
  Specification £º
  • Output Power £º30W RMS
  • Output Jack:RCAx1/3.5mmx1
  • Input Impedance:47KOHM
  • Input Jack:RCAx1
  • Speaker Unit£º5.25"
  • Bass Volume Control